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Democratizing California’s Health Data

There’s a new project brewing in California. And it’s working to make our communities healthier. There’s a vast amount of health data collected by the State of California and hosted on the Health and Human Service Agency (CHHS) Open Data Portal.


However, there’s a need to democratize the data and get it to the people and organizations that can use apply it in new ways that drive positive impact in local communities.

Over the past three months our pilot program, supported by the California HealthCare Foundation, in three cities: Fresno, Los Angeles and Sacramento has convened cross-sector leaders from the government, non-profits, and business, civic technology who are informing how to best use the state’s health data to develop at least one durable technology tool such as web app, visualization, or product that benefits the local community, while also providing feedback to the state to shape the program and what information is most important to the communities.


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