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Gangsta Geeks: Empowering Urban Youth with Robotics

Urban street culture encourages inner city youth to be either gangsters, ballers, or rappers. Instead, they should be getting into tech -- becoming "gangsta geeks." I want to start robotics programs for underserved minority youth. Why bring robotics to the hood? Because it teaches coding, design, engineering, manufacturing, innovation and entrepreneurship to students who are disenfranchised from the tech jobs that drive our 21st century economy.


We can transform troubled communities with STEM opportunities (science, technology, engineering and math). By empowering urban youth with tech skills, not only can they then compete for high tech jobs, but they are empowered to innovate and create their own companies, creating new jobs that could uplift entire communities. In order for the next Steve Jobs or Elon Musk to spring from the streets of east L.A., we need to equip the youth of these communities to be gangsta geeks, not plain gangsters.


Idea No. 113