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Ona Mtoto Wako

The “Ona-Matoto-Lako” (see your baby) project will take lifesaving antenatal care to pregnant women in remote parts of low & middle income countries, where women will be given an opportunity to come “see their baby” through ultrasonagraphy, free of charge using a mobile ultrasonagraphy bus. This “see your baby” visit will be used as an opportunity to tackle the leading causes of maternal & new born deaths by identifying high risk pregnancies through ultrasonagraphy and screening for the common causes of maternal death i.e. pregnancy related anaemias, pregnancy related hypertension and HIV & malaria. In addition the antenatal visit will also be used as an opportunity to obtain the mobile phone numbers of the women and these will be used to send the women maternal & child health, health promotion related text messages as well as connect high risk women to health care services in their area.


Idea No. 62