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"Shazam for Heartbeats" - Heart Sound Algorithm for Unprecedented Cardiac Care

This idea focuses on improving cardiac health monitoring, examination, and triage both domestically and abroad through advanced machine-learning algorithms. Eko, a San Francisco-based startup with cardiology advisors at UCSF and Stanford, is building an advanced heart sound and murmur decision-support algorithm that will greatly improve point-of-care cardiac monitoring both domestically and abroad. The Algorithm is in development by Eko's team of data scientists and will ultimately be tested by cardiologists in an IRB-approved clinical trial at UCSF Medical Center in San Francisco. The Aspen Ideas Award funding would help underwrite this trial.


Eko Devices has paired the oldest and the newest tools in the medical toolkit - the stethoscope and the smartphone – to address two of the most pressing challenges of our time: $750 billion in annual healthcare waste and a cardiovascular disease crisis that affects 1 in 4 of the world population.


The heart sound and murmur algorithm would accompany Eko's flagship device, Core. Core is a digital stethoscope attachment that works with a clinician’s mobile device to provide an unparalleled cardiac exam experience. The Core sends heart sound audio via Bluetooth to the secure Eko Mobile App where a user can record a heart sound, visualize the heart sound as a waveform, and share the recording with another practitioner. The device and mobile app are currently pending FDA-clearance in anticipation of a late-summer 2015 launch.


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