Festival 2

Congratulations to our Festival 2 award winner and finalists!

Winner: Margaret Koli, Presenter, HNP: Transforming the World's Leaders Into Entrepreneurs



Festival 2


Alzheimer’s disease has a global cost of $226 billion but currently cannot be cured. The idea is to implement a paradigm-shifting approach that eventually will enable effective treatment with medication that prevents the appearance of symptoms thanks to an early stage, non-invasive diagnosis.


Festival 2

From hyperlocal media to global reporting on natural disasters

How can participatory community reporting and technology be used to prepare residents, particularly those in low income and immigrant neighborhoods, when an earthquake, tsunami, volcano eruption or any other natural disaster strikes? This project will put together to work a team in Valparaiso, Chile with another in Northridge, California, two seismic hotbeds, to develop a widget/ app and a system to better report on natural... more »


Festival 2

Campaign for Magnitsky sanctions against human rights abusers worldwide

As the world becomes more global, human rights abusers have started to travel and keep their money abroad. As a result, there is now a tool to challenge the impunity of these criminals in the form of targeted visa sanctions and asset freezes, using a proposed law called the US Global Magnitsky Act.


Festival 2

ReThink - An Effective Way to Stop Cyberbullying and Promote Tolerance in Adolescents

Cyberbullying is a silent and deadly pandemic affecting more than 50% of adolescents online today. Victims suffer from long term depression, life-time of anxiety, low self-esteem and 38% who have been repeated cyberbullied, exhibit suicidal tendencies. ReThink is an innovative and transformational technology solution that stops cyberbullying before bullying occurs. ReThink is also a movement to raise awareness about... more »


Festival 2

Democratizing California’s Health Data

There’s a new project brewing in California. And it’s working to make our communities healthier. There’s a vast amount of health data collected by the State of California and hosted on the Health and Human Service Agency (CHHS) Open Data Portal. However, there’s a need to democratize the data and get it to the people and organizations that can use apply it in new ways that drive positive impact in local communities.... more »


Festival 2

Girls Of Afghanistan Leadership: G.O.A.L.

Youth Leadership Academy is a bridge over which the young orphanage girls can leap into adulthood in Afghan society with skills and confidence necessary to encourage their involvement in positive social change for women in Afghanistan. This program will be comprised of a semester-long workshop that will be held at an orphanage in Kabul and would also include remote coaching where volunteers from other countries would... more »


Festival 2

#LastGlimpse - celebrating what's worth protecting from the threat of climate change

#LastGlimpse is a global movement to raise awareness around climate change with celebration & hope instead of doom & gloom. We started by shooting a documentary-style travel show pilot in the The Maldives, capturing the culture and stories of its people against the backdrop of rising sea levels, and will soon build an online platform (what we need funding for!) where audiences can share stories of what *they* cherish... more »


Festival 2

Safety Net in Challenging Haiti: What about Jobs Creation?

1000 Jobs wants to create jobs for the underserved populations who would not have access the Haitian Social Safety net. We bring or join business ideas and help develop tailored basic business plans, integrate the entrepreneurs in a micro parc environmentto share resources and maximize their income.


Festival 2

Turning Vision into Action

A considerable body of evidence has shown that investments focused on women benefit whole societies. Vital Voices identifies and supports high-potential leaders who demonstrate a commitment to improving their communities through tailored investments to enhance their capacity as leaders. Vital Voices will bring together women with bold visions for sustainable change in communities around the world to critically analyze... more »


Festival 2

Upon My Toes: Turnaround Arts for English Teachers

A collection of 15 minute educational videos, suitable for teachers and for classroom use in the United States and around the world, that will help classroom teachers to connect artistic practice to ELA instruction. Featured artists: Woetzel, Gehry, Woodard, Hancock,


Festival 2

The Growth Mindset Project

A “Growth Mindset,” or the viewpoint that hard work is the primary driver of intelligence, expands the realm of the possible in post-secondary education. This idea proposes to demonstrate how “Growth Mindset” can be taught and shared to benefit our communities.


Festival 2

WeWho: Enabling awareness to build tolerance

WeWho is a peer-to-peer mobile video chat platform designed to foster productive and purposeful discourse on topics of mutual passion. By engaging real people face-to-face, WeWho quashes internet incivility in favor of meaningful dialogue, guiding users to greater awareness and promoting tolerance.