Festival 1

Urgent Beauty Squad

The Urgent Beauty Squad organizes local Los Angeles artistic and production resources and applies them to the inequality of access to beautiful environments in public space. As these aesthetic interventions are documented and distributed via media, money from the licensing and sale of the outputs of these interventions stick to local talent and develop the local economy. The Urgent Beauty Squad is a concrete expression... more »


Festival 1

An Artist Winces at the New Landscape: Lewis Baltz in the American West

Lewis Baltz (1945-2014) was one of the most important American artists to come to prominence in the 1970s. His work engaged with one of the richest themes in American art: The use of the landscape, particularly in the American West. Baltz's work, including series such as The Prototype Works (1969-76), The New Industrial Parks (1974), Nevada (1977), and Park City (1980) pointedly critiqued the way in which Western lands... more »