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Building the national will to expand opportunity in America

The debate over police shootings in Baltimore, Ferguson and NYC makes clear that we too often talk past each other on matters of racial equity. Drawing on research & experience, we plan to train hundreds of non-profit, public & private sector leaders to promote greater & more equal opportunity.


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For Such a Time as This: Millennial Leadership Summit and Black Activist Guidebook

This two-fold approach, "For Such a Time as This: Millennial Leadership Summit" and a Black activist guidebook, will seek to equip youth and young adults of color to better engage issues of racial justice by committing to activism and leadership as a way of life.


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On The Same Page UNITED: Poetry creates connection between inmates & community

The mass incarceration of 2.3 million Americans has created an underclass of people who feel alienated, isolated, and ill equipped to successfully reintegrate into society. On the Same Page UNITED implements nationally a successful Washington, DC program that uses poetry to forge understanding and connection across the bars.