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Gangsta Geeks: Empowering Urban Youth with Robotics

Urban street culture encourages inner city youth to be either gangsters, ballers, or rappers. Instead, they should be getting into tech -- becoming "gangsta geeks." I want to start robotics programs for underserved minority youth. Why bring robotics to the hood? Because it teaches coding, design, engineering, manufacturing, innovation and entrepreneurship to students who are disenfranchised from the tech jobs that drive... more »


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Boosting Capacity of Civic and Community Leaders to Advance Racial Equity in Place

What would happen if 200 communities throughout the U.S. successfully improved outcomes for a population around 6 developmental milestones? That’s exactly what My Brother’s Keeper is attempting to do. However, advancing equity at this scale will require more than tackling these milestones; to be successful, we have to shift cultural perceptions.


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The End of Isolation: Let Cuba's Youth Access US Education and Professional Training

In 2008 I went to an international film festival in Havana. I learned that some Cubans had taken 2 weeks off from work, half of their yearly allowance, to see as many movies as possible. Some of them had no hope of traveling abroad. Sitting in a dark theater and watching a film set in another country was their only chance to see the world. The thaw in US-Cuba relations will help relieve Cuba's profound isolation. But... more »


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Generational Poverty: The High Cost for a Comprehensive Solution

Nonprofits exist today that address generational poverty, providing comprehensive services to families and achieving incredible results. However, they do so at high capital cost. This proposal provides an alternative solution, the Life360 model, for a more cost effective solution that can be started-up and scaled in large cities with significantly less capital.


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Helping Students Discover our Shared Human Values through education and online intera


Every 3rd grade student across the world takes a course to discover our shared human fate


A best-in-class Universal Values Curriculum


We lobby the UN & incentivize governments to adopt the program w/free resources to participating schools


Each week students from Pakistan to Palestine, from India to Indiana build a community online