Festival 2

Congratulations to our Festival 2 award winner and finalists!

Winner: Margaret Koli, Presenter, HNP: Transforming the World's Leaders Into Entrepreneurs



Festival 2

Saving the Planet - Together

My idea is to create an easily accessible web-site that would be a place of contact for environmental project suggestions that arise all over the world. With the easily accessible web-site we would make the problems meet the global brain power resources. The web-page would also act as runway for talented students everywhere that do not necessarily have the required resources or contacts.


Festival 2

Turning Vision into Action

A considerable body of evidence has shown that investments focused on women benefit whole societies. Vital Voices identifies and supports high-potential leaders who demonstrate a commitment to improving their communities through tailored investments to enhance their capacity as leaders. Vital Voices will bring together women with bold visions for sustainable change in communities around the world to critically analyze... more »