Entry Tips

Want to make your idea shine? Take a look at the suggestions below.

Overall Tips

  • Your ideas will be read by a lot of people with various backgrounds and experiences. Help them understand your entry by explaining it as clearly as possible and spelling out acronyms the first time you use them.
  • All entries should be actionable ideas. Reserve commentary, questions or other thoughts for the comments section, email correspondence, or other venues.
  • The earlier you submit your idea, the more opportunity you have for feedback and votes. Top vote getters will receive special consideration during the evaluation process.
  • Read the evaluation criteria on the Judging Process page. Understanding the criteria will help you draft a strong entry.

Entry Form Fields

  • Title. This is the title of your entry. Consider a catchy title to attract people's attention.
  • Quick Summary of the Idea. After your entry title, this is the first thing people will see when they scroll through the ideas. It's intended to serve as the "teaser"; to draw readers into the rest of your entry. Keep in mind, most of your idea's details will be covered in the other fields, so use this quick summary space wisely.
  • Keywords. Have you seen the "Keywords"; section on the bottom of the right column? The keywords you add to your entry help fill that list. They also help people find your ideas in the "search" function. Take a look at the list and use similar language, if possible. This helps keep similar concepts together (for example: IT, technology, tech).
  • Image Attachment. This is an optional field. Feel free to upload an image that will enhance your entry. Think of it as curb appeal for your idea.
  • I am submitting on behalf of. Select one of the two options from the dropdown list: (1) A project within my organization or (2) A project of my own personal design and execution. If you are submitting a project for your organization, make sure to complete the next field too.
  • Affiliated organization name, if any. Complete this field if you are submitting on behalf of your organization.
  • My idea relates to the following topic. Select one of the options listed for the challenge.
  • This is the specific situation my idea addresses. Ideas are most intriguing when they address a particular need or problem within the overall topic area. Use this space to describe the problem/need, explain any related context, and tell us why it's interesting and important. The context you provide in this field sets the stage for the solution you will propose in one of the net fields.
  • The situation is. Select one of the following: global, local, or both.
  • Here is my solution (how I proposed to address the issue above). Use this space to explain how you will tackle the need you described earlier. Your idea can be in the conceptual phase, a more detailed blueprint, or a new project that just started and needs seed funding to take it to the next level. Either way, we're looking for new approaches—things that will have a sustained positive impact on the community. 
  • My solution is. Select one from the list: An initial concept; In development but not yet launched; or Being implemented and refined (already launched).
  • My solution will have the following impacts on my local or global community. This is where you describe what the future would look like if your idea was fully implemented. What would be improved? How would it affect the way people function in their daily routines or the decisions they make? Think about not only the direct benefits, but the secondary impacts too.
  • If my idea wins, I would use the $25,000 prize to support my solution in the following way. The evaluation team wants to know how you'd use the prize money to develop or further your idea. Think about ways the funding could have the most bang for the buck.